Our Mission

The Organization’s mission is to work for socio-economic development of the poor, marginalized and disadvantaged community groups of society through Education, Women Empowerment, Better Health Care, Sanitation, Income Generation Activities, Micro Credits, Renewable Energy and Human Rights.

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Our Vision

We envision the establishment of a socio-economical developed society through Education, Women Empowerment, Better Health, Sanitation, Improved Income Generation Activities, Micro-Credits, Renewable Energy and Human Rights in which there will be no any kind of Inequity, Injustice, discrimination and exploitation based on caste, class, gender & religion.

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Our Objectives

  • To empower women, promotion of SHGs/CBOs and its networking.
  • To promote girls, adult and informal education.
  • To improve the outreach of health services to larger population.
  • To Provide Skill Development Training to sustainable livelihood.
  • To rehabilitate child labour and sensitize children on their rights.
  • Develop infrastructure facilities like sanitation, safe drinking water, and low cost houses.
  • To sensitize public on health, sanitation, education, environment, child rights, and other social issues.
  • To create awareness capacity building of local leaders, Teachers, youths, women and social workers.
  • To promote and propagate non conventional energy sources.
  • To work for sustainable agriculture development and promote organic farming.
  • To prevent and control HIV/AIDS, TB, maleriya and malnutrition.
  • To relief work and rehabilitation work for the flood, fire, epidemic and drought affected people

Latest News

Image placeholder July 26, 2018

Be A Changemaker Today

In the last 20 years of it's service for the welfare of people, our organization has worked with a wide array of volunteers from fields of politics, economic, social welfare etc.

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Image placeholder August 11, 2018

The Fight Against HIV

Today, more than 35 million people across the globe live with HIV/AIDS. The medical community, politicians and support organizations have made incredible progress in the fight against this.

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Image placeholder May 30, 2019

Children That Needs Care

Children are the backbone of a nation. They're the present and they're the future of the world. Since it's inception , the primary focus of IKARD has been for child rights and education.

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